Practice Resources

The best way to learn the skills of self-regulation and self-responsibility – the basics of well-being – is to do them over and over again until they are so much a part of our fibre that they are virtually impossible to forget. The resources listed below can help.

Good Company is also important. See that page to find a links to some of Julie’s Tibetan teachers and also some of her students who can introduce you to Zapchen.

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Embodying Well-Being (2007)
This book is an introduction to the simplest and most playful ways of restoring well-being. Many of them are recognizable from childhood play. That is because this level of care for ourselves is inherent in how we function. They are simple, and they work. Beyond these most basic and effective tools for being kind to ourselves, this book offers a glimpse toward some very high peaks of perception indeed. (Also available from Pete & Vas in Australia and in ebook format here online.)  Read a little…
$30 US / $33 International (printed)

The Hum Book (2003)
Surprise, this book is entirely about humming! How to hum more “inside” than “outside”; how to touch deep inside yourself with the pulse of the hum; how to increase our intrinsic well-being by humming. Human beings often express envy of cats’ ability to purr. I am going to guess that the sort of humming we talking about here is going to provide many of the benefits that cats get out of purring. These benefits, as it turns out, are simple, deep and easily accessible with just a little practice. And this book is a simple, deep and easy place to start.  ebook format here online | Read a little…
$30 US / $33 International (printed)

The Lover Within (1999)
If you have ever felt energy from a person or a situation, this book will reassure you that you are not crazy. This exploration of energy and sexuality teaches how to develop energetic skills (perceiving energy and energetic exchange) in any relationship (sexual or not), including your relationship with yourself. In seventy-eight exercises that you can practice alone or with others, Julie gives us the basics of a tantra adapted to the West. She teaches how to create boundaries and how to merge. She talks about bad energetic habits — compression, diffusion, disappearance — and how to replace them with other habits that allow you to pulse and live as an energetic being.
$30 US / $33 International (printed)

The Somatic I Ching: Revealing Story, Training Mind (March 2012)
The purpose of this — yet another!!! — version of I Ching is to direct your attention to the language of movement itself and to give some hints on how to approach any verbal version of the language of change, without being either too rigid or too self-indulgent.
ebook format here online
$35 US / $38 International (printed)

Audio CDs

The following 4 CDs are for everyone; they introduce many of the basic Zapchen practices:

Zapchen Daily Practices CD (1:06:00)
1. When You Get Up
2. Before Anything
3. Before Meditation
4. At Work
5. In the Car
$17 US / $19 International

Zapchen Ocean Breath CD (1:03:14)
$17 US / $19 International

Julie Singing Mantra CD (0:50:51)
$17 US / $19 International

Introduction to The Lover Within CD (0:30:06)
An introduction to perception of energy and how to support our own energies in pulsation.
$17 US / $19 International

The following 3 CDs are for people with prior experience of Zapchen practice; they contain more advanced practices that build upon (and assume a familiarity with) the basics:

Zapchen Resting Down, Stacking, and Red Tara CD (0:50:39)
$17 US / $19 International

Zapchen Mutual Alignment CD (0:13:27)
$17 US / $19 International

Zapchen Guru Yoga CD (0:19:27)
$17 US / $19 International