Good Company

Contact Info for Zapchen Teachers

The following people are students of Julie Henderson who also now teach Zapchen directly, incorporate it into their various professional practices, and/or can help you find someone to help you get started. See also for the European practice community.

Vas Alvanos and Peter Tooth (Sydney, Australia)
Main- 61 02 9797 9118 | Peter Mb- 0417 238 846 | Vasi Mb- 0409 922 111

Karen M Bell (Melbourne, Australia)
Zapchen Soma Yoga, private somatic therapy, and Buddhist psychotherapy

Janet Evergreen, MA (Charlottesville VA and Quito, Ecuador)
Teacher, Craniosacral Somatic Therapist. Happy to talk about and share Zapchen! | | phone: 434-906-4181

Heidrun Mäntele-Frick and Jens Frick (Austria)
Psychotherapy/gestalt, social work, teaching Zapchen Somatics and meditation

Michael Herman (Boise ID)
Zapchen for individuals, leaders, and whole organizations, working onsite and online

Moti Theresia König (Europe, Nepal and Bali)
Retreats, trainings, single sessions onsite/online: Zapchen Somatics, Menlha Touch®, Dakini-Tantra

Laura Lund, CPCC (San Francisco Bay Area CA and worldwide/online)
Zapchen practice, therapy, coaching and consulting for individuals, couples, and organizations |

Rabia Mead DC (San Francisco Bay Area)
Zapchen training and practice workshops 

Jennifer Mueller (Chicago/Evanston IL)
Somatic psychotherapy/consultation w/ Zapchen, BodyMind Centering, Hakomi and other ways

Gary Norfolk, Zenergetics (NSW Australia) | |

Becca Pronchik, CPCC (Beaverton OR)
Health & Wellness Coach, Yoga and Meditation teacher, author

Marla Tofle (Napa and North Bay Area CA)
Zapchen coaching and healing touch, classes onsite and online

Hendrika van Dyk (Warburton, Australia) |

Birrell Walsh, PhD (San Francisco CA)
Author of Praying for Others, presenting the healing work of Julie Henderson and others

Ulrike Wichtmann (Bavaria, Germany)
Zapchen in Bavaria; and pilot of First Aid International Trauma Helpers |

Martha Woods (Sebastopol CA) –

Jean Anne Zollars (Albuquerque NM) – phone 505-266-6908 |

Zapchen Community Online

We have one unmoderated email list for discussion items and a directly-moderated ‘forwarding list’ for sharing of requests for support and reports back about those situations.

These email lists are open to anyone who has attended a workshop or retreat with Julie. They are a cozy little piece of cyberspace where the global Zapchen community is evolving. Sometimes we do mini distance-practice retreats.

If you’re already practicing with Julie and want to join us in the email group, email Michael Herman. Please explain any retreats or workshops you’ve done with Julie and we’ll send instructions on how to join the list. This list is for conversations, but it’s usually not a high flow of messages.

We also have a ‘forwarding list’ for broadcasting prayer requests and/or practice reports. To join this list, email the same sort of background information as requested above to Birrell Walsh who will add you to this list. At least a few messages are posted to this list almost every day.