The practices and principles of Zapchen Somatics are a direct approach to embodying well-being, otherwise referred to as “feeling as good as you can…in spite of everything.”

This is a “new” form of work, and introducing it can be difficult. Since it is new, there are things about it that are hard to name, hard to describe, hard to recognize. At the same time, of course, no work is ever completely new, if it were, it would be unrecognizable. Instead, it arises from the creative confluence and expansion of previous work and tradition, often in a new context.

In this case, a wedding has taken place over twenty years between the relatively new disciplines of somatics and somatic psychotherapy with the long-established traditions of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. Zapchen is their child. Like any child, it reflects the essence of both its parents, while it also stands free and has its own character.

Zapchen Somatics and zapchen.com are offered by Julie Henderson, PhD, and her students around the world.

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