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Zapchen Community Online...

Julie Henderson and others do a number of retreats and workshops around the world and throughout the year. In between workshops, practitioners stay connected and supported via email. We have two mostly unmoderated conversation lists and a directly-moderated 'forwarding list' for sharing of requests for assistance and reports back about those situations where assistance is provided.

These email lists are open to anyone who has attended a workshop or retreat with Julie. They are a cozy little piece of cyberspace where a global Zapchen community is emerging and evolving and sometimes doing mini distance-practice retreats with Julie. If you've not yet done a weekend or retreat with Julie, please see the calendar for workshops and retreats.

If you're already practicing with Julie and want to join us in a yahoogroups.com email group, email Michael Herman. Please explain any retreats or workshops you've done with Julie and we'll send instructions on how to join the list. This list is for conversations, but it's usually not a high flow of messages.

We also have a 'forwarding list' for broadcasting prayer requests and/or practice reports. To join this list, email the same sort of background information as requested above to Birrell Walsh who will add you to this list. At least a few messages are posted to this list almost every day.

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